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Faid Foundation November 16, 2012

Posted by semesta in Buah dari-Nya, Indonesia (L) ?, Sharing w/ Us, Universe (ity).

Oleh: sahabat semesta

I am Founder of Faid Foundation. I built it when has studied on ITS. This foundation not only give scholarship to poor children, but also give donation to Islamic school throughout Indonesia. This motto  is “ Faid Foundation, More Than Scholarship “

logo faid foundation

The reason why I must found it

Cause I feel as far as I’m not doing meaningful something that could solution for many problems in my nearly environment. Such as poorness, loss contract school, illiteracy and other problems which could me sadness everytime.  But, From the beginning since Junior High School and Senor High School both I had become a great leader with be Chairman on OSIS (Student Council) 2004-2005 and 2007- 2008 , Vice President on MPK (Class Delegation Committee which intercept and extend aspiration from student to school), Field Coordinator on Youth Red Cross and others. And I had felt satisfied when could be acceptanced Indofood scholarship , training and excitement experience with 80 the best student of university troughout Indonesia, and be the outstanding receiver in there, be the best one from the best. Be the choosen one from the best. Then I awared with all pleasure position and  advanced experience can’t change closely better condition. So I must do something to help them with established  that foundation. The second reasons, Indofood has given me many scholarships and training with excellent student overall Indonesia, so I want to reciprocate anything that had given to me.

How I manage this foundation ? As far together my friend which are like minded . We teach them and collect our saving money give to a few children that very wanted. Amount of money also use to support our teaching necessaries. Not easy like an imagine, but need struggle and spirit for its. Maybe now the people laugh at what we are doing. Maybe now this foundation only give small significance. But, in my heart I promise that Faid Foundation will be the biggest institute in our country and can give more useful for others. Its my promise, Its my dream. And I know, my dream will be really and truly. Trully wonderful.


1. welda - November 16, 2012

wow amazing,,,
i interest to join with your foundation,,,may i ? :)

faid - November 16, 2012

of course…. mrs..

2. nia - November 22, 2012

let see…
I’m waiting lho ndi…

3. afa - January 27, 2013

emmm.. luar biasa ndi..

kita punya cita-cita yang sama, mendirikan yayasan, mungkin selanjutnya kita bisa bekerjasama :)

ini punya ku :

AF Foundation and Academy
fou your better future

Apa yang sudah AF Foundation and Academy lakukan..??
Sejauh ini belum begitu banyak juga, tapi harus terus diperjuangkan.

AF Foundation and Academy telah memberikan seminar kepada anak2 SMA untuk mengenal potensi diri mereka dan apa yang akan mereka hadapi di dunia perkuliaah,

AF Foundation and Academy juga telah mampu memberikan beasiswa kepada 2 orang anak SMA ditahun 2012, dan 4 orang anak SMA ditahun 2013. Berharap jumlahnya akan terus berlipat tiap tahunnya.

Mari terus berkarya untuk Indonesia :D

faid - January 28, 2013

alhamdulillah.. afa orang mana euy… salam kenal.. hubungi saya d no hp ya…

faid - January 28, 2013

oh, afa teknik mesin ui…. hehe bisma juga.. saya batch iv, ok ok…

4. anisa - July 12, 2013

kk peneliti zelundo ya?

faid - July 16, 2013

iya dik. alhamdulillah

semesta - October 1, 2014

iya. maaf baru balas. ada apa ya anisa ?

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